Crashlands 1.4.33 Full Apk + Data for android

Crashlands is a Role Playing Game for android
download last version of Crashlands Full Apk + Data for android from revdl with direct link

“…a design masterpiece.” 5/5 – TouchArcade

Craft, battle, and quest your way through Crashlands, an outlandish, story-driven Crafting RPG overflowing with sass!

Become Flux Dabes, a galactic trucker whose latest shipment gets derailed by a chin-strapped alien menace named Hewgodooko, leaving you stranded on an alien planet. As you hustle to retrieve your packages you’ll become enmeshed in a nefarious plot of world domination, which will require all of your wits and both of your glutes to overcome. Learn recipes from the local sentient life, make new friends, uncover ancient secrets and deadly bosses, tame everything and build yourself a home-away-from-home as you learn to thrive on planet Woanope.

▼▼ Key Features ▼▼

-● Expansive Crafting System ●-
Unlock over 500 craftable items as you explore the world and learn its secrets!

-● Self-managing, Infinite Inventory ●-
In Crashlands, your inventory is infinite, manages itself, and retrieves your tools when you need them, so you can focus on adventuring, questing, and building. You’ll never have dig through your bag or return to your base to free up inventory space!

-● RPG-Style Character Progression ●-
Become more powerful through creating ever-more-amazing items! As you grow in power, you can venture to new regions of the world, meet strange characters, discover new stories, and encounter new and interesting enemies.

-● Skill-Based Combat ●-
Learn the attacks of the enemies you encounter, and use your skill, agility, and wits to defeat them! You can even augment your fighting prowess with the power of the dozens of gadgets you can craft. Set your enemies on fire, stun them, slow down time, and more!

-● Intuitive Base Building ●-
Building a base in Crashlands is so simple it feels like fingerpainting. You can create beautiful, sprawling bases in minutes!

-● Tameable Creatures ●-
Every creature in Crashlands can become a trusty combat sidekick. Find an egg, incubate it, and hatch your very own adorable or hideous bundle of joy. You can even craft special items to grow and empower them!

-● Huge World… with Huge Problems ●-
Four sentient races, three continents, an epic bid for the future of the planet, and you – trapped in the middle, trying to deliver your freakin’ packages. Take your time to dive into the sidestories of the characters you meet or just rush headlong into making that special delivery. With hundreds upon hundreds of quests, there’s a lot to do and discover on planet Woanope!

-● Crossplatforminess ●-
Just because your battery died, doesn’t mean your fun has to die with it. You can transfer your Crashlands save to any other device you own Crashlands on. It has true cross-platform support!

Install :
1. Install Apk
2. Extract and copy folder “com.bscotch.crashlands” to “Android/Obb/”
3. Play and enjoy it

The game uses a classic cartoon style, American spoof is absolutely wonderful enough. Self-propelled machines, more strangers, leather monsters, all kinds of imaginative role so you have to admire the developer’s brain hole big. This makes the players feel the fun, the fun of the building, the fun of exploration, the fun of the achievements, as well as playing this game while trying to become more and more fun to get started.

The protagonist of the game is a wonderful alien, this alien in the travel space when it was a more wonderful evil creatures attack, and then “snapped” to fall to the original desolate planet. Of course, this planet is also a wonderful work, the above long plants and animals are not normal.-ApkAwarD.coM

Play is very rich, integration of the action, adventure, RPG, develop and other elements. At the beginning of the play, this will give a Do not Starve both visual sense, as is Daguai, collecting materials and management resources, construction of buildings and so on. But the overall style of the game and Do not Starve diametrically opposed, there will never be people feel the difficulty of oppression, here is full of adventure fun.

In addition to the normal construction, the game can also make the nest so that monsters lay eggs, steal the monster’s eggs back to hatch can keep pets, you can also carry out their own farming industry. More novelty is that you build the equipment, the game is the beginning of the equipment is a wooden armor, to the back will be style changes, the protagonist is an alien, so what shape is able to control.   Although it is a construction of the survival of the game, but the fighting is also designed to be quite dedicated to each monster on the planet are “full of personality”, with their attack mode is also very unique. As long as you close to these wonderful alien enemies have to be careful of their unique skills, but fortunately before the monster moves will have red light warning range, very test the player’s walk.

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